Shields Movers is dedicated to packing loading unloading shrink wrap and providing services in your local area. We are a very reliable moving company and we specialize in serving our customers needs first and foremost. Whether it is a small move a big move local or even long distance are moving crew focuses on your specific needs.pods packing,craigslist movers,movers professional movers,moving services,packing pods for moving,#

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Why would you settle for anything less when you can have Superior moving services. We also value the input from our Moving Service clients as it relates to their own individual needs and their family dynamic as well understanding that every move is not the same and every move requires a different approach as well as a unique moving experience. Also, we are able to offer you the most affordable and economic relocation and moving rates possible. For example, when you contact us via phone our staff will carefully listen to your movie needs assess the moving situation and guarantee prompt and reliable service.

Don’t get stood up on moving day! We get 5 to 10 per week from customers that hired bargain movers that never showed up!

Protect yourself and your move, hire professional, licensed and insured movers.


We provide our company truck with liftgate.
Please view our website. Our moving website is over 8 years old alone..however, not including our moving experience!!!!

We specialize in local and also long distance moving of households and office buildings 365 days a year. We move apartments, homes, storage units, offices as well as loading and unloading services for trucks, storage, pods, trailers in and around the Metro and Suburban area,awesome service!


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