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Community Service & Outreach 1

Community Service & Outreach 1

I am a firm believer that any business is built on the support and commitment of the people. Therefore,I am a strong advocate of giving back of your time,money and support of what you have received.SPM volunteering at the womens homeless shelter 4-28-12. They googled us by searching moving companies near me,they reached out to us and we volunteered our time and our services.

Community Service & Outreach 2

SPM helping a family in need with free furniture and delivery.

Community Service & Outreach 3

These are photos of the volunteer work that I did at the Stewart-Haas Racing in Kannapolis on 5-18-12. Volunteer work consisted of laying track,unloading truck ad work where I was needed. CONTACT US

Community Service & Outreach 4

This is a project that me and a few of our guys have donated our time FREE OF CHARGE, to help demo and move a building in Winchester VA.