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What is Company Policy?

COMPANY POLICY is a statement of general principles or desired behavior applicable for a company. Company policy defines ways of acting for the staff in areas where there appears to be a grey area in deciding how best to operate.

It provides a number of basic rules and guidelines about the behavior expected from your staff and sets the basis about how to perform the business activities.

Dear valued customer, Please take the time to read the terms and conditions for using our services: (ALL MOVES REQUIRE A DOWN PAYMENT. ALL DOWN PAYMENTS ARE HONORED IF THE MOVING SERVICE DATE CHANGES. DOWN PAYMENTS ARE NOT REFUNDED IF THE CLIENT CANCELS)

These are your rights according to the FMSCA:https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/protect-your-move/consumer-rights

  1. Our standard procedure involves wrapping your belongings, if the movers are asked not to wrap an item, the insurance policy will be waived entirely.
  2. Guidance, walk-through and payment. The Сustomer or their representative must be present during the move at all times. We need your guidance! It is Сustomer’s responsibility to do a final “walk-through” of the premises to ensure we have taken everything. Our time runs continuously until all tools and equipment are back in the truck and payment is completed. Having your cash or credit/debit card ready will save you time and money. Please note: we do not accept checks. For credit card payment your name and the name on the credit card should match. You will be asked to sign for credit card payment.
  3. Parking arrangements. A Customer is responsible for requesting moving permits if ones may be required. We can only recommend getting permits for all moves as they guarantee parking the moving truck as close as possible to your doorway. Because you are familiar with the parking situation on your street, you must decide if you need one, or if you can manage parking on your own. In most cases we require 35-40 feet to park the truck. Please get moving permits if you think movers may have trouble parking at your address or let us know so we can take appropriate arrangements for you. If there is nowhere to park at the time of movers’ arrival, the crew will start your moving clock while they will be searching for parking. A driver reserves the right to park anywhere at their discretion to better perform services, even if it is illegal and/or they have to double-park. A Customer agrees to pay any parking fees or tickets assessed to the carrier for any vehicle under hire by the Customer at the time of the charge.
  4. Loading / Unloading. If Shields Movers is only providing loading or unloading services, we are not responsible for any damages, which may occur in transporting the furniture and is released of all liability after loading the truck prior to unloading. We are only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control.
  5. Long Distance / Interstate Moves. We accept cash or credit/debit card on delivery. Please note: we do not accept checks. For credit card payment your name and the name on the credit card should match. You will be asked to sign for credit card payment. For all interstate moves we require a down payment, the amount of the down payment is at the discretion of the company. The remaining balance is due at the delivery before unloading.
  6. Damages and claims. Any damage claims must be submitted in writing to our claims department. Applicable notes about these damages must be made in writing on the bill of lading on the day of your move before movers leave your premises. Our company standards do assume a full inspection of furniture by both our movers and Customers. However, the final inspection is the responsibility of a Customer. All of our Customers sign a bill of lading upon completion of a move. It reads “The above services were rendered and all goods delivered in good order, except as noted”. For any insurance company this document is critical in noting charges the same day to ensure the damage occurred that day and that coverage could be provided. Unless payment is made in full as it is due we are not required to answer or process a claim. Do not assume you may deduct the money from the final bill to compensate yourself in the event of damage. This is ILLEGAL.
  7. On top of the time you will be charged to load and unload the truck there are other charges;  1. Fuel + mileage (A rate set during booking your move, unless additional trips were made), and 3. A minimum two hour charge (which includes travel time). Every move is subject to these charges unless an exception was made by the management and specifically noted for your move. (Note: This does not apply to flat rate moving services.)
  8. Payment for a Local Move. For Local Moves, you must pay in full on the day of the job. Payment for Local Moves are due while the movers are still on site, the movers will not leave until payment has been confirmed. cash, or VISA/MC/DISCOVER/AMEX./cashapp/venmo/zelle
  9. You are to pay 100% of the payment once the truck has been loaded up. When the movers arrive at the unload address and the move is estimated to go beyond the minimum hours given for the move, then we will take the remaining additional payment prior to us unloading, if we unload under the estimated hours worked, then we will refund the client back the extra money that was charged. PAYMENT WILL BE DUE IN THE FORM OF CASH, VENMO, CASHAPP, ZELLE OR CREDIT CARD 3.1% FEE. THE REMAINING BALANCE MUST BE PAID IN FULL UPON DELIVERY BY CASH. PAYMENT IN FULL OF ALL CHARGES IS REQUIRED BEFORE DELIVERY AND PRIOR TO UNLOADING. (The remaining balance will be paid in full, before the movers unload, we do not unload until the final payment is received, if there are problems receiving payment at the end of the move that are not our fault, such as lack of money, having to wait on someone, card issues etc, your time is still being calculated towards the total cost of your move)
  10. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for bed bug/fleas or other parasitic insects’. If discovered prior to starting, or during your move, the move will be halted immediately, and the truck will be emptied on the spot. You will be charged the minimum two hours, plus any additional costs that the company may incur to get rid of any infestation that may occur. The customer can be charged up to $1000 on the spot.
  11. If any of your belongings or home is damaged, you must report it to the movers before the end of the move. The movers will create a report of the incident by taking down details and pictures then report it to the office. All clients have been made aware of their rights by the terms and conditions, if any damage is incurred, the client along with the movers will try to work the damage out on site, if we cannot reach an agreement then arbitration and insurance will be the next process. If you report any damage after the movers leave, it will not be covered.
  12. The total invoice will be presented to you by the end of your move, payment will be due in full and immediately.  Depending on your move, you may be asked to pay in full before off loading. Any compensation that you would seek for any damages, will not be deducted from the total of your move. Damages will be handled by the office in a timely manner.
  13. The customer is responsible for instructing the movers on what all items are going to the new address. It’s the customers’ responsibility to check their home to ensure that all the items been loaded onto the truck before giving the movers the ‘ok’ to head over to the drop off address
  14. If the movers advise that they might not be able to transport an item safely, it will be the customer’s responsibility to either instruct the movers to leave the item behind or ask them to load it onto the truck regardless of the risks. If the customer chooses the latter option, SMS can’t be held responsible for any damages the item may encounter during transportation. When a truck is loaded properly and approved by a client and that client takes control of that truck, Pod, storage unit etc, any damages after that, is solely upon the client and not SMS.
  15. SMS assumes no liability for the following items: customer packed boxes (unless box is physically damaged), pressboard furniture,particle and flake board, pre assembled Ikea furniture, and Ikea furniture in general,  pole lamps, light bulbs, all televisions, musical Instruments and other electronics (internal mechanisms failure). No moving service shall be rendered: For hazardous materials. For firearms or any combustible material. For any items that are prohibited by law or regulations of any federal, state, provincial, or local government in the U.S. SMS reserves the right to refuse any package which by reason of the dangerous or other character of its contents is liable, in the judgment of SMS, to be hazardous or otherwise endanger employees or damage equipment. SMS reserves the right to open and inspect any package tendered to it for moving.
  16. If any electronics are being transported, they have to be packed using their respective manufactured supplied boxes. As electronics are delicate, some more than others, SMS cannot guarantee they will arrive safely and can’t be held liable for any damages. However, if the movers are instructed to transport them, they will perform their due diligence to protect the item in question to the best of their ability. If the client asks the movers to handle any items, or do a task that is not in agreeance with the professional Judgment of the movers, then a waiver must be signed that will not hold the movers and the company liable for any damages or liability incurred.
  17. At the end of the move, if the payment is not ready to be collected by the movers, (ex: if the customer has to go to the bank) the end time of the move will be extended until the payment has been collected. SMS is no way liable for the property prior to pickup at the designated location or after delivery to the designated location.
  18. Due to insurance limitation; SMS cannot transport the following items in any truck: plants, anything flammable, guns, HAZMAT, or any products in violation of state and federal laws. Our maximum liability is based on the damaged article. Customers are not allowed to ride with the movers, if they do, it will be at their own risk, any sort of injury they sustain, SMS can’t be held liable for it.
  19. SMS will only disassemble children beds and cribs, we do not reassemble children beds or cribs. SMS does not hook up nor disconnect washer and dryer units, stoves, and appliances.

Note: When weather conditions are extremely hot, the interior of the truck is around 30 to 50 degrees hotter on the inside, therefore we do not recommend transporting TVs and or electronics that can be damaged by extreme heat or cold, if you transport these items after you have read and agree to the terms and conditions and that item does not work upon receiving your household goods, SMS, assumes no responsibility for damages.

Refrigerator move. We only move empty freezers/refrigerators. Please empty the contents for safe moving. We are happy to load these last and unload them first.

Grandfather clocks. You are responsible for removing the pendulum, chimes and weights.

Waterbed. If you have a waterbed we will be glad to move it. However, we are not waterbed technicians. We will follow your instructions, but you must make a final inspection before our crew leaves. We will not send men out for later adjustments. If you prefer to have a waterbed company move your bed do so, please.

Dresser Drawers, File Cabinets, Desk Drawers. Please empty all dresser drawers, file cabinets and desk drawers. Remember that the furniture will have to be lifted and carried, so if it is overstuffed and extra heavy it will be more difficult to handle. If the furniture will have to be navigated through challenging obstacles, like a winding staircase, it is usually best to remove everything, even the drawers, as it may be necessary to flip the furniture on its side or upside-down to get it through.

Last minute change of service. If a move requires work above and beyond the original order for services Shields Movers  reserves the right to fulfill other obligations before completing additional work. For example, you have originally ordered services for a two-room move only. On the day of the move you add additional rooms to move, not mentioned at the time of the request, additional pick-ups/drop-offs, etc., which will significantly increase total move time. In order to make our schedule on time for the next move, we reserve the right to postpone additionally requested services till our next availability and/or after completion of other jobs this day.

Flat screen TVs. These are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, slight bumps, and altitude changes. The original packaging is the best. In any case, please note that in the absence of physical evidence of external damage or negligence (visible damage) we are not responsible for TVs functioning after delivery.

Weather conditions. Shields Movers reserves the right to reschedule the move at an agreed upon time without liability if there is inclement weather, including, but not limited to heavy/freezing rain, snow emergency, hurricane warning, weather travel ban, etc.

Crew size. Shields Movers reserves the right to choose the number of movers for each job, depending on our current schedule, availability, weather conditions, etc

Driver hours and regulations. We reserve the right to limit our workday to 12 hours. In certain cases, due to DOT hours of service rules for drivers, we may need to cut a job short or send a replacement driver to avoid violating these regulations.
Heavy and oversized item move. Our personnel will move your pianos, appliances, and items over 300 lbs. if indeed and the work can be done safely. Unfortunately, damage may occur to floor surfaces. If you wish to take this risk Shields Movers will not be responsible for it.

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