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Full Moving Services

Moving Services Provided by Sheilds Movers & Staffers, LLC

We Shields Movers & Staffers, LLC is one of the leading moving service providing companies in the USA. For 15 years, we have been providing our absolute best efforts to fulfill our client expectations. Moving from one place to another place has been proved to be very painstaking for most people. Our expert crew makes this painstaking process easy. The primary target of our company is to achieve the satisfaction of customers by helping them to move their house, office, etc.

The way we developed our services to be one of the leading moving services in the country shows our dedication towards our clients. We have transport fleets of various sizes to cover any size or quantity of items that our clientele wants to move. Nowadays, due to the economic and social circumstances, we are pleased to declare a wide variety of service packages for our clients from different socio-economic backgrounds. This way, we are making everyone satisfied.

For packaging, we offer self-assembling boxes of various sizes, which are well known for their versatility. Since these boxes do not require tapes, they can be reused! These boxed cargo gets transferred to its destination or stored with great care in the storage facility as per the client’s demands. It does not matter if you are a company or an individual. We trained our crew to conduct all kinds of moving with great care.

Our service is tailored to fit your needs perfectly. Packing, loading, moving, unloading & unpacking everything is conducted by our expert team. The vehicles, freight mounts, and other factors that intervene in the process are designed to have a hassle-free moving experience, so the cargo gets transported without any damage.

Our Full Service Moving List

Local Moving

Residential Moving

Furniture Moving

Long Distance Moving

Office Moving

Specialized removals

Local Moving Service

In our local moving service, we offer a comprehensive solution in each of the phases that make up the transfer of belongings to any local place in the USA. You do not need to get stressed about anything since our professionals will take care of everything with their adequate training.

Residential Moving Service

Everything relating to your move to your new house will be properly handled by our company experts. Whether your new house is simply down the block or hundreds of miles away. Our company experts will properly assist our staff in moving your old house to your new location swiftly and safely. Careful attention will be given to moving, loading, and transporting your goods, and we will ensure that everything will be perfectly taken care of.

Office Moving Service

The office relocation is very similar to the Residential Moving. Shields Movers And Staffer, LLC team will help you to move your company that has to relocate its office. And our moving specialists can help you with that as well. This service coordinates and handles a variety of factors to reduce the impact on business operations.

Workplace refurbishment and moving services offer seamless office migration through staff transition aid programs. Furniture, equipment, paperwork, and personnel can move in this way. Here, the priority is usually to minimize the impact on the activity of the company, so it is usual to do it in the afternoons and/or on weekends. In that case, planning is vital.

Long-Distance Moving Service

Here, we consider at least a 100-mile distance as a long-distance movement. Or if the moving is from one state to another. At present, our long-distance service is available from Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and some other states of the USA. In addition to our good reputation for local moving services, we have established the same expert strategies for optimizing our long-distance moving services. Here we try our best to provide an equal standard of performance so that your next step into the long-distance service will be as stress-free and efficient as possible.

Furniture Moving Service

When you buy a sofa or large piece of furniture, and you need help to put it in the proper place. Moving experts of Shields Movers And Staffers, LLC can help you out. Sometimes, you buy in a store that does not have a delivery service, or you buy it second-hand from someone else who obviously can’t deliver the product to your home. In this case, we are here to douse the fire of your worry and solve the delivery and laborer problem.

Specialized Moving Service

This type of removal service is carried out with the help of a highly qualified team. That will use tools such as elevators, cranes, and padding. Valuable and often bulky items like pianos require highly specialized attention. For example, to enter and remove them from the PH, sometimes it is not possible to use the freight elevator or the stairs. And so, it is necessary to use a crane placed in the highest part of the building to lift these objects to the interior of the building. Other examples include objects of great value, such as paintings, antique furniture, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of your personal belongings, household items, furniture, and so on will be loaded, transported, and unloaded in our moving service.

As a leading moving company, we will provide you with a safe and stress-free best moving service at a cheap rate in this difficult time. We have an experienced team of professionals and a thorough planning process. We also have secure storage so that you will be comfortable with every step of the relocation process.

Shields Movers And Staffers, LLC is always concerned about customer demand, satisfaction, and comfort. So we include all kinds of payment services, such as -Cash payment, Credit/Debit card, and PayPal also. You just need to choose.

Our company will provide the best security of the whole moving process with a cleaning service. And the attractive thing is that the price is very friendly. For our customer satisfaction, we keep an option to reduce the total price if you are going to hire us by the hour. And yes, our company is fully insured with a license.